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In my previous article The Problem With 90% of Crossfit Boxes I touched on some of the problems coaches run into when applying “Crossfit workouts” in a large group class setting.

Here I will discuss the standards my athletes and clients must reach before training specifically for CrossFit. This isn’t to say those who aren’t able to meet these standards can’t perform extremely challenging conditioning workouts. For those in that boat, I will appropriately coach their technique in weightlifting and gymnastics while saving the soul crushing for the end. This is why it is key that a coach has a good understanding of not only proper exercise form, but the order of progression one must go through to ensure they can effectively meet the end goal.

Every single one of my clients or class members is on a training program to get them to where they need/want to be. These programs are written up at least one month ahead of time. Sometimes pre-written four months out. I don’t write up random strength days or conditioning days off the top of my head. This keeps injury prevention and long term progression at the forefront of each individual’s training.

Just like any other merit or level in life that is worth achieving, there is a definite standard that you must complete before moving forward. Why should this approach towards training and fitness be any different than advancing in sport, school, or career? Take your time through a planned progression to develop your skills and sharpen your weak points so that you can effectively Rx any given WOD or METCON.

These standards may seem harsh and they might even ruffle some feathers. That’s okay, they are just a standard. These are noteworthy benchmarks and are feasible for anyone with perseverance and a will to improve their skills and level of fitness more than their want to be thrown into the mix. Here you are:





>2x BW

>1.5x BW


>2.5x BW

>2x BW

Strict Pull ups




>1x BW

>0.8x BW

Clean & Jerk

>1.5x BW

>1x BW

Strict Handstand Push ups



1.5 mile Run



Hollow Rock or Plank w/ no Lumbar extension



Questions? Comments? Did this hurt your feelings? Drop a comment in the box below!

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