Quit Running To Look Hotter

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Why do people train?  Reduce disease risk?  Feel better?

Sure, this may be the case but let’s face it; deep down the majority of the population has the desire to look better. Almost everyone has something about their body that they wish was different and with summer in full swing, it’s hard not to notice the endless supply of adults prancing around in attempt to be more aesthetically pleasing.

While I am not here to bash on competitive distance runners, or the people who enjoy running for the many positive health and psychological benefits it offers, I do want to shed light on it’s effectiveness for making one look “hotter”.  So if you are actually training for a race or purely run for enjoyment, this is not directed towards you. I am talking to the people who instantly gravitate towards their running shoes with the anticipation to look better naked.

I get asked frequently as to how many miles one should run per week in order to see changes in their physique. I can’t put my finger on a number because honestly,  distance running isn’t the best way for people to accomplish their physique goal. There are more beneficial aspects of training for people to start with in regards to changing their body image. 

Prepare For The Butthurt

Let’s compare the figure of experienced lean female runners vs experienced lean female lifters.


Granted, I am offering an extreme comparison, but the point should be noted. I would be willing to bet that if the majority of the population could snap their fingers and end up looking like one of the two groups pictured above 99% would pic the bottom. The other 1% have probably already exited the page by now. Sorry about your feelings.

Putting down an extreme number of miles can lead people to enter a trap.  Constantly training type 1 muscle fibers and not achieving the desired progress can mislead some people into thinking the solution is to run farther or more frequently, when the truth is they are just staying stagnant, or making the problem worse.  If this sounds a little too familiar mix it up, try some form of resistance training, or ramp up the volume/intensity on your current program.  It doesn’t even have to be lifting weights at first.  Bodyweight exercises can be a good place to start, and you will notice differences with progressive overload and a solid nutrition plan.


Now with ALL that being said, you do not need to completely abstain from running, it gives a lot of great benefits so long there is a purpose behind your mileage. Take a good look at your nutrition plan and lift some weights.  Work main muscle groups with compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and presses, and then move on to isolation movements and reap the benefits.  Two to three times a week is really all you need and leaves plenty of room for your distance training and recovery.

Resistance train (weights, bodyweight, etc), dial into your nutrition, and do enough cardio to put you in a calorie deficit: you will be well on your way to transforming your physique in no time.

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