The Reality of Goal Setting

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The Reality of Goal Setting

As strength coaches and fitness professionals, we deal with individual goals of all shapes and sizes. Some are realistic while some are outlandish. Where many fall short of those goals that are attainable is their lack of progressive planning and acceptance that there will be a degree of sacrifice that they must adhere to. With the New Year occurring and the hoard of people who need a reality check before wallowing in self-pity by March, there couldn’t be a better time to touch on the three things that most people leave out of the picture.

Attack Planning
A good first step would be writing down your goal. Upon writing down your goal, declare a deadline for you to achieve it and some progressive short term goals that you can conquer throughout the duration. If it’s a year long goal, assign some quarterly tests (every three months) or deadlines to keep yourself in check and make sure you are on track towards getting to where you want to be. If it’s a three month goal, you could benefit from having a mid-assessment. After each deadline, go back and access what worked, what didn’t work, what you can and should do differently…you get the idea.

Find Accountability
People are too quick to jump the gun and go HAM on the latest “Hardcore Top-Secret Training Regimen” ghost written under the name of a popular professional athlete or Hollywood star. Cutting a plan out of a magazine just won’t cut it. If you set a realistic goal that is measurable rather than some idealistic vision of “what you want”, you need an individualized plan.

It’s probably a good idea to seek out somebody who has weathered the storm or consult with an experienced coach for both your programming and accountability. Think about it this way: would you go on a long trip without a map or GPS? If your answer is somewhere along the lines of “Often times, detours bring the best surprises” or “It’s all about the journey, not the destination”, cut the motivational fitness meme bullshit already and use some common sense. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Embrace Discomfort
Want to run under a 18:00 three mile to get a better PFT score? Expect two or so hard runs a week and expect them to increase in difficulty. Running it under 18:00 probably won’t feel any easier than running it at your current pace.

Want to have the figure and butt of your favorite athlete or fitness model? Plan on getting on a regimen that may be incredibly boring but brutally effective. Weak points and imbalances need to be hammered often.

Want to pack on some size? Get ready to train heavy and eat until your stomach wants to give you the middle finger. Nobody got huge eating clean and doing fitness boot camps.
Want to lose 50 pounds? Prepare to be hungry most of the time. Your body is going to fight you from undoing ten years of poor eating.

As I’m sure you can gather, executing a plan in aim to achieve a goal that would be considered stretch for your personal ability isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Most times its painful, tiring, and damn boring. The human body wishes to remain at homeostasis and it’s going to take some discomfort for it to buy into the stimulus you give it.

Final Thoughts
Probably not the common advice you’d get when talking about goal setting, but we’re not about gimmicks. Everyone wants to look at the after product and leave out the precision, dedication, and fortitude it took for one to get where they are at. At HPI Strength & Conditioning, we have multiple members who have far exceeded their expectations and would attest to these very things mentioned being contributing factors to their success in the gym and in life. Don’t let yourself be the one who drops out in half time!

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