Understanding Repetition Ranges- Part I

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Understanding Repetition Ranges- Part I

The various repetition ranges are greatly misunderstood in regards to specific programming. People don’t know how to use them in application to what they are training for. Whether you are looking to put up specific numbers, increase general strength, gain muscle, or improve endurance, it is important that you understand the purpose of each repetition range. Below is a breakdown of the different repetition ranges:

Maximal Strength
Repetitions per set: 1-3
Percentage range: 80-95% of 1RM
Move each repetition with as much force as possible and train with compound/multi-joint movements. Properly training in this repetition range requires a great emphasis on skill and technique.

Repetitions per set: 4-6
Percentage range: 70-85% of 1RM
Compound/multi-joint movements and some single joint exercises can be utilized. You can also implement different tempos, pauses, and ranges of motion if using this range to bring up weak points. This repetition range is the sweet spot in regards to benefiting from both strength and size gains.

Repetitions per set: 7-12
Percentage range: 60-75% of 1RM
Compound/multi-joint movements and isolation exercises can be utilized. Implementing various tempos and lengthening the eccentric contraction of each repetition have their benefits as well, but realize these will greatly impact the percentage/load being used.

Repetitions per set: 13+ Repetitions
Percentage range: <60% of 1RM
Conditioning, pre-hab, or simply just getting a “pump”: this is a pretty versatile range to train in and could be used to develop a variety of areas.

Final Thoughts
This should give you a general breakdown of what each repetition range trains and what they entail. Next week we will explain the crossover of each repetition range and how to implement each one based on your performance goals.

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