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    Call it functional fitness, performance fitness, elite fitness, endurance training, crossfit training, strength and conditioning, whatever. No matter what you call it the Human Performance Initiative is taking training and athletic development to a whole new level.

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HPI Ruckin Challenge 2014

Ruckin Challenge Registration

Want to put your training and hard work to the ultimate test?

Then be part of the very first HPI Ruckin Challenge!

Register quick, we are only taking 30 participants for plank owner Class 001. You get a pretty sweet free gift
($100 value) just for registering!

8-10 HOURS, 13.5 MILES in Virginia Beach, VA
May 31st, 2014 @ 2100 (9:00 pm)
Start @ Chesepeake Bay Bridge tunnel
End @ Rudee Inlet
Price $175.00*
Registration Cutoff May 17th, 2014
Ruck Pickup will be at HPI on May 23rd & 24th
FREE GIFT** ($100 Value) with your registration!

Rob and handpicked SEALs will take you through an evening filled with real-life training that will test one’s physical and mental toughness.

* Partners signing up get a 10% discount. Just do quantity 2 at checkout. Teams of 4 or more will get a 20% discount! Just put in number of team members as quantity at checkout.
** Free gift details can be found on details page.
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Gym Hours
M-F 600am-800pm
Saturday 900am-200pm

Evolution Classes
M-F : 600am, 900am, 500pm, 600pm
Saturday Group Classes: 900am, 1200pm

Evolution Endurance Group Classes
Tue, Wed, & Fri: 7pm

Mobility Class with Jake
Saturday 10 a.m.

Open Gym: Hours that classes are not in session, the gym will be open
for members to train at their convenience.

Monthly Membership $130

HPI MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP provides members with full access to the gym that includes both open gym time and all Evolution™ classes offered.


$15 / Class - A Drop In Fee is for non-members that want to workout at HPI.

HPI Session Passes

Meant to accommodate those who do not want an HPI Monthly Membership but would like to come to HPI from time to time. The Session Pass allows clients to purchase a set number of sessions/ visits that can be used at their leisure. These sessions provide access to open gym time and/or The Evolution™ classes.
$65 - 5 Session Pass >> Purchase Now
$120 - 10 Session Pass >>Purchase Now
$180 - 20 Session Pass >> Purchase Now
Evolution Endurance Classes:
$100 - 12 Session Pass
$180 - 24 Session Pass

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April 2014 Athlete Spotlight

HPI Gym Virginia Beach Evolution Athlete Spotlight April 2014
  1. Name: Reanna Gallegos
  2. Nickname: Re
  3. Age: 29
  4. Occupation: LT, US Coast Guard
  5. Hometown: I was born in San Diego, CA but spent my formidable years in Springfield, VA in the DC Metro area
  6. Favorite style workout (strength, repeat effort, describe): Repeat Efforts; I am competitive, so I want to be better than Rob's posted goal time.
  7. Favorite lift: Cleans - in all forms. I have seen the most improvement in my clean presses and I like how it works the whole body.
  8. How long have you been training: I've been an athlete my whole life, constantly involved in some athletic event, sport, etc. I came to HPI in April 2013 and started this journey, so almost 1 year
  9. Which class time do you prefer to attend: 5pm is where it's at ... right after work. Unless I'm off then 9am it is.
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HPI Virginia Beach Location

  • phone number:
  • (757) 963-1828

  • our address:
  • 620 Village Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454

  • email address:
  • info@hpi-vb.com

  • twitter:
Rob Stock
Virginia Pilot article featuring HPI Owner

Rob Stock

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