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    HPI has the best certified personal trainers and strength coaches in Virginia Beach. No matter what your training goals are – weight loss, strength training, speed & agility or general fitness – HPI Strength & Conditioning will help you find the right personal trainer to assist you in reaching your goals. Some of the benefits of training at HPI are…

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  • What is HPI?

    Call it functional fitness, performance fitness, elite fitness, endurance training, crossfit training, strength and conditioning, whatever. No matter what you call it the Human Performance Initiative is taking training and athletic development to a whole new level.

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Gym Hours
M-F 6:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm

Evolution Classes
M-F : 6:00am, 9:00am, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Saturday Group Classes: 9:00am, 11:00pm

Evolution Endurance Group Classes
Tue, Wed, & Fri: 7:00pm

Evolution Mobility
Saturday 10:00am

Open Gym: Hours that classes are not in session, the gym will be open
for members to train at their convenience.

August 2014 Feats of Strength

August 11-16

This month's challenge is: 3 Lifts: Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift

Weight Class for Males:
Total Standard (4.75 x BW)
125-149 > 653 lbs.
150-174 > 771 lbs.
175-199 > 890 lbs.
200-224 > 1009 lbs.
225-249 > 1128 lbs.
250-274 > 1246 lbs.

Weight Class for Females
Total Standard (3.375 x BW)
100-114 > 362 lbs.
115-129 > 413 lbs.
130-144 > 464 lbs.
145-159 > 515 lbs.
160-174 > 565 lbs.
175-189 > 615 lbs.

So how this works is the sum of your 3 lifted weights must total or exceed the number in the right hand column of your weight bracket.


2x 300 yard shuttles with a 3:00 rest interval between. Cannot have greater than 0:03 seconds difference in completion times.


5k Row for completion

Sign up Today!

It's easy... $10.00 sign up. Complete the challenge. Get your name on a plaque @ HPI!
You can complete the challenge any day during the week of the 11th and you do not need to be a member so come test your test yourself!

Come get some! If you have questions, send us a message or an email at info@hpi-vb.com.

Monthly Membership $130

HPI MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP provides members with full access to the gym that includes both open gym time and all Evolution classes offered.


$15 / Class - A Drop In Fee is for non-members that want to train at HPI.

HPI Session Passes

The Session Pass allows clients to purchase a set number of sessions that can be used at their leisure. These sessions provide access to open gym time and all Evolution classes.
$65 - 5 Session Pass >> Purchase Now

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September 2014 Athlete Spotlight

  1. HPI Gym Virginia Beach Evolution Athlete Spotlight September 2014Name: Robert Barnhart
  2. Nickname: Drew
  3. Age: 24
  4. Occupation: Student
  5. Hometown: Norfolk, VA
  6. Favorite style workout (strength, repeat effort, describe): Strength and high intensity classes.
  7. Favorite lift: RDL and shrugs
  8. How long have you been training: Since 9th Grade
  9. Which class time do you prefer to attend: Prefer mornings but usually go to the 5pm lift.
  10. How did you find The Human Performance Initiative: Chiropractor recommendation
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HPI Virginia Beach Location

  • phone number:
  • (757) 963-1828

  • our address:
  • 620 Village Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23454

  • email address:
  • info@hpi-vb.com

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